How To Add More Music To Your Day

How To Add More Music To Your Day

Listening to music isn't just one of the creature comforts the human race is lucky enough to enjoy (cats don't like it so much). We also use music to enhance special moments, as a catharsis when we're feeling sad or happy, and to express ourselves and even, occasionally, as punishment. Music lovers listen on the way to work, at work, at home, on car trips, and at parties. But while your life is filled with sound, couldn't you conspire to listen even more? Here's our guide to absolutely stuffing your every waking (and sleeping) moment with more music.


Let's start with when you wake up. Scratch that – let's start with when you go to bed. As you prepare your body and mind for sleep, your brain waves begin to wind down. You're advised by the experts not to exert too much physical energy at this point, so no working out and no fist-pumping. Occasionally people like to fall asleep to the sounds of something refreshing and light, but all too often the music ends and you're left sleeping in silence. To combat that, try mellowing out for all eight of the hours you need for sleep to the album Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell from The Dirty Knobs. Featuring eight hours of nice noise, you won't have to stir until the sweet music from your alarm clock rouses you.


Speaking of beds, psychologists recommend that you only use your bed for sleeping and sex (really) because using that spot for working or watching television or whatever confuses your body. Seduction music is a well-documented art, and everyone knows that as soon as you start getting busy (pronounced bizz-aye!) retro funk music starts playing from heaven. But what about afterwards? It's only natural that after bonding physically, it's time to bond emotionally. Run out of bed and begin playing your most intimate, embarrassing music for your new lover. Bonus points for anything Ani DiFranco. Or...


Not only has bathing technology increased tenfold since the nineties – we're seeing shampoo/conditioner/body wash hybrids now! - but listening while you scrub has gotten more and more amazing by the day. Back in the day, you'd have to plug in a boom box over the toilet and grit your teeth when “Revolution #9” came on. These days? You have floating tub-stereos, luxury steam showers with built in music, water-proof iDocks, and a shower head that also plays music WAIT REALLY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? George Jetson, eat your heart out.

During Tough Relationship Talks

Things haven't been going so well. You've had some big fights, and/or you realize that something is different. You have unresolved issues. He/she has some difficult admissions. You're sitting on the couch, your emotions straining between affection and anger. This is very, very hard.

But it doesn't have to be so hard, does it? Not when you queue up this little number.

Once you get to “brown leaves town,” you'll either have hastened a quick end to what wasn't going to work out anyway (sorry) or found your soulmate for life.


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